From Your Business Strategy

Based on your market-oriented strategy, we work with you to develop the necessary resource-oriented strategies in the following areas:

  • Supply Chain - from customer to customer
  • Production oriented companies
  • International environment
  • People / Processes / Products / Investments / Finance

1. Strategy alignment:

Development of different strategic options

From where do
you come?
Analysis of financial and industrial company data over recent years
Where are you
Company audit on site (framework / process / feedback / etc.)
Where do you
want to go?
Understand market-oriented strategy and define the necessary resources and capabilities
How can we
get there?
Definition of different options for strategic projects

2. Project definition:

Project planning and resources allocation

Classic project management system


Investment in machinery and equipment, as well as in new production sites.


Assure the highest profitability of your capex investments by reducing the costs and lead time of your projects and assuring a vertical ramp-up of your installation.


  • 7-phase waterfall project management system called “Early Equipment Management”
  • Gate review system with a gatekeeper
  • Strong focus on the initial project stage to avoid problems during the start-up phase
  • Clear definition of requirements to quickly reach performance or quality targets
Agile project management system


Complex projects that are difficult to structure due to a high ‘unknown’ level and existence of a target shift risk.


Fast TTM (Time to Market) and customer-focused delivery of project parts with a permanent review of the goal to create maximum customer benefit.


  • Iterative task analysis, planning and implementation and continuous delivery of incremental project parts
  • Cross-functional self-organising teams elaborating own decisions within project framework
  • Continuous improvement process through regular retrospectives
  • Extreme customer focus

3. Implementation:

Expertise in five areas

Change management process

Change management process

  • Company evaluation and development
  • Restructuring / Re-organisation
  • Fusions and cultural changes
  • Shutdowns and transfers
Investment process

Investment process

  • Return on investment (ROI) evaluation
  • Investment in machinery and equipment
  • Conception and construction of production sites
  • Company evaluation, acquisitions and development
Operational excellence`

Operational excellence

  • Continuous improvement process
  • 5S / Kaizen / Lean / 6 Sigma...
  • Quality initiatives
  • Benchmarking
Leadership tools

Leadership tools

  • Coaching during project implementation
  • Appraisal Interview & Management by objectives
  • Production Qualification Matrix & Training 
  • Manager selection and development
Merger and Acquisitions

Merger and Acquisitions

  • Industrial Due Diligence
  • Evaluation & Decision preparation
  • Purchase & Integration
  • Optimisation

To Your Business Goals

Business transformation:

  • Restructuring/Re-organisation
  • Fusion and cultural changes
  • Shutdowns and transfers

Business development:

  • Growth
  • Improvements
  • Cost reductions